Thursday, April 26, 2012

Affiliate Summit Raleigh Meetup Group Recap

We had our first meet up yesterday at the cozy Mimi’s restaurant.  Around 8 people showed up to our first meet up.  We all introduced ourselves and what our businesses do.  Apparently we got a good mix of Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, Newbie’s and SEO. I, Gemi Hartojo the Director of Online Marketing at created a presentation that spoke about the basics of Affiliate Marketing, how it can it help grow your business and if you are not doing this already…how to get started!  
If you missed us, you can find this presentation on our Meet Up Group – Affiliate Summit Raleigh Meet Up !  Please join our group to get access!

Although we had a mix of seasoned affiliates and newbie’s the conversation was exciting and dynamic!  After lunch and introductions, due to the lack of plugs at Mimi’s, we crowded around a booth table and propped open my laptop and went through the slides.  This was super great because at each slide everyone chimed in with their own ideas and commentary out of that we got super great tips and even spoke about issues in Affiliate Marketing.  I think we are off to a great start... and look like everyone is eager to meet up again next month!

Our key take a ways – As advertisers want more for their buck affiliate marketing, although not easy, allow advertisers to really make their dollars count.  Affiliate Marketing allows you to be part of their marketing budget and really by passing the traditional agency format.  We touched on all the key players in the industry, what to be aware of, also we spoke about generating great content that is beneficial for the customer and also shows seriousness of the affiliate wanting to gain authority in that niche.

Hope you can Meet Up with us Next Month!

Gemi Hartojo
Director of Online Marketing - &
Affiliate Summit Raleigh Meetup Host

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Affiliate Summit Meet Up

We will be hosting an Affiliate Summit meet up in Raleigh, North Carolina, tomorrow April 24, 2012. We are going to help people who are interested learning affiliate marketing by sharing our knowledge with our event host Gemi Hartojo (Director of Online Marketing & and co-event host Geoff Knight (President / CEO of Online Marketing & Affiliate Marketing has proven that can your business grow, our company (Atomic Leads )has been in the space for over 7+ years and generate over 5 million leads per month utilizing Affiliate Marketing as a tool to generate leads for buyers in many different verticals.

Since this will be the first meet up for Affiliate Summit in Raleigh NC. We would like to share with you anything about Affiliate Marketing and how it can help you grow your business.

Here is a quick outline of what we will be speaking about at our 1st Meet up:

• What is Affiliate Marketing?
• How can Affiliate Marketing grow my business online?
• What tools are needed to succeed in Affiliate Marketing?

General Agenda:
•          Arrival time/Networking – 30 Minutes
•          Intro & Speaker Presentation – 30 Minutes
•          Q&A For Speaker – 15 Minutes
•          Meetup Organizer Topic/Discussion – 30 Minutes