Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Know if Your Web Marketer is Worth the Cost

SearchEngineLand's Matt McGee put together a great article for small business owners looking to outsource their internet marketing. What data can you use to know if your consultant is a good one. In a recent study we have some insight, but remember as with all numbers online, read in context of the entire study.

Aberdeen surveyed more than 200 companies with formal search marketing initiatives in place, gathering information on their strategies, experiences, and results. According to the survey, the top companies achieve these results:

* 108.24% current return on marketing investment
* 30.93% year-over-year change in brand awareness
* 29.78% year-over-year change in web site traffic
* 21.6% year-over-year change in web conversion rate

Another metric to consider not mentioned in the study is monitoring online promotions that are captured offline, such as a phone call that was made as a result of a viewer seeing a banner or webpage.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Google's Quality Score Secret Sauce

If you want to learn the secret ingredients for Google's Adwords Quality Score, we have the answer. Become the CEO of Google and you can become the world's greatest PPC advertiser. One question, why would you waste your time doing PPC when you are a billionaire? However if your resume does not qualify you for such a position, not to mention that the position is not open here are some of the latest enhancements to improving your Quality score courtesy of Inside AdWords Blog:

More precise Quality Score calculation. As you probably have observed, ads in high positions typically earn better CTR than those in low positions, because ads in high positions are more visible to searchers. In the coming days, we’ll update the portion of the Quality Score algorithm that accounts for ad position. This will result in more accurate Quality Scores, ensure that ads compete fairly for position based on their quality and bid, and enable Google to show the most relevant ads to searchers by rewarding high-quality advertisers with better ad positions.

Higher quality ads above the search results. To appear above the search results, ads must meet a certain quality threshold. In the past, if the ad with the highest Ad Rank did not meet the quality threshold, we may not have shown any ads above the search results. With this update, we’ll allow an ad that meets the quality threshold to appear above the search results even if it has to jump over other ads to do so.