Thursday, September 25, 2008

Being Bullish in an unstable market.

Despite the situation on Wall St and crack down on advertising budgets across the different mediums, online spend in particular, spend in the financial sector, hasn’t decreased in fact it is increasing at an increasing rate. An article written by Fred Aun, The ClickZ Network, iterates the importance of web advertising for the financial sector a pivotal marketing component because it works. People like to compare, research and transact their financials online.

“"Whether it's a credit card offer or a mortgage offer or CD offer, a lot of those are transactions that can be completed on the Web," Swallen said. "And let's face it: The Web is a place where consumers do research and carry out a lot of financial-oriented transactions and purchase decisions, whether it's doing online banking or checking out interest rates. The Web is a magnet for financial services products."” Fred Aun, The ClickZNetwork, 9.25.08

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